Hair Machine has recently been awarded the Certificate of Positive Impact by Sustainable Salons for its commitment to sustainability.

Since joining the program in July 2021, Hair Machine and its loyal clientele have successfully diverted their waste from landfill, keeping up to 95% of all materials used for salon services in circulation.

Hair Machine has achieved the following sustainability impact on its journey to zero waste:

400kg of paper recycled

50kg of metals recycled

150kg of plastics recycled into new packaging, outdoor furniture, landscaping supplies and underground sheeting for the NBN

20kg of hair collected from the salon floor, which can make XX Hair Booms and potentially clean up XXL of oil in a spill emergency

“Hair Machine’s unique footprint is one of more than 700 others who are all on this awesome mission to make salon waste history,” says Paul Frasca, Co-founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Salons. “To date, the Sustainable Salons Network across Australia and New Zealand has saved more than 350,000 kilograms of valuable resources from ending up in landfill. But without Hair Machine’s incredible dedication, this number would not be as big and certainly would not be growing!”

But Hair Machine is not just having a positive impact on the environment – when all the salon’s metals and paper are sold for recycling, 100% of the proceeds are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to help feed those in need. In fact, a full head of foils provides a quarter of a meal for hungry Aussies and Kiwis!

Plus, the salon is part of the largest network of ponytail donations in the Southern Hemisphere – more than 43,700 ponytails have been collected to help make charitable wigs for cancer and Alopecia Areata sufferers!

By actively participating in the Sustainable Salons program, Hair Machine and its clients continue to help feed the hungry, protect the planet and grow local communities every day!


About Sustainable Salons

As the first comprehensive resource recovery service designed for the salon environment, Sustainable Salons has been awarded several industry accolades for its innovation and business performance.

The company rescues up to 95% of salon resources from landfill and finds repurposing solutions that benefit the environment and give back to the community, all while providing sustainably-minded product alternatives and rewards for the salon!

To date, the program has donated funding for more than 95,000 meals for those in need via OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest from the sale of recyclable materials collected from its salon members.

The Sustainable Salons team continues to work tirelessly to find recycling and repurposing solutions for 100% of the waste produced in the salon environment.



Hayley Miller, Marketing Manager | | FB & IG: @SustainableSalonsANZ



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